These Tips are helpful when dealing with Excess Hair Breakage

Let’s talk about some tips to taking track of your hair breakage.

Hair breakages actually do happen a lot.

✨Some are natural shedding of dead strands.

✨Some over manipulation of hair strands.

✨Transitioning back to your natural hair also comes with breakages. The breakages could be excess if you don’t get on a care routine.

✨Weather conditions can also cause hair breakage and even hormonal changes

✨Your body reactions to some particular drug types.

Do you know Hair Breakages actually pass a message concerning your health?

I’ll just be focusing on giving you tips to take track of your hair breakage so as to know when there is excess breakage and trace the cause and help reduce it.

1.) Drink water/Hydrate your Strands/Seal in Moisture.

2.) Have Periodic Hair Trims….Most hairs on your ends are dead and that’s why they fall off. Trim off dead ends at set times to keep tract of the main part of your hair that you should nurture.

3.) Avoid Brushing/Combing Dry Strands.

4.) Avoid constant install of manipulative styles (most especially if your hair is fragile)

And if your strands are fragile, consider strand strengthening regimens, hair foods that promote strand strength, Hop on healthy products that promote strand strength and be consistent with using them for noticeable results.

5.) When experiencing hormonal changes, try take note of the amount of hair that falls

6.) Get on a Protein Treatments and Deep Conditioning Treatments routine if you  experience breakages and stunted growth.

7.) Feed your Hair to avoid excess dead Strands, Create an environment for your Strands to grow naturally.

8.) Avoid harsh Dyes and avoid frequent hair dying.

9.) Study and understand your hair.
(how your hair reacts in different seasons, effect of some hairstyles on your hair, the quantity of hydration that sustains your hair, Hair foods suitable for your hair.

10.) Protect your Hair Ends/Feed your Hair Ends(light massages)/Twist your hair ends/less exposure to drying agents and temperatures.

These are tips that has worked for my hair.

What has helped reduce your hair breakage?

Help Share in the comment session, let’s learn❤

It’s been a while here, Hoping to drop more Gems on here…See you❤

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