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Here in this post, HerHairline will be sharing some vitals which will focus on ‘HER SCALP HEALTH’. Trust you’ll be able to get some basic tips and information that will be beneficial to your hair journey.


Our Scalp is the skin covering our heads and usually covered by a growth of hair above it. Our scalp however is made of 5 Layers and the visible part we see is OUR SCALP SKIN

Our Scalp is a very important make up of our general Hair and Our Scalp skin is very similar to our body skin with some variations in functions and contents.


The state of wellbeing or balance of our scalps.

Our Scalp’s well being also contributes to our general wellbeing.

Our Scalps serve as coverings to our heads and houses our hair follicles and vital glands influencing our general Hair Make Up

Our Scalps resemble the rest of the skin on our bodies and has blood vessels that carry nutrients to the hair follicle. However Our scalps possess larger oil glands that produce sebum (Sebum is the body’s natural moisturizing oil).

Our Scalp Health can also be affected by some conditions that alter our body skin health causing it to be unhealthy. A lot of factors contribute to our body skin health which also applies to our scalp skin.

Our Scalps however influences Our Scalp hair (hair growing above our scalps). An unhealthy scalp will contribute an unhealthy hair as our scalps are like roots in which seeds are planted.

The Hair follicle which is contained in our scalps is like the seed and the hair follicle influences the hair outgrowth, Our hair cycles take place in our Hair follicles

So creating a healthy environment for our hair follicles and scalp layers will influence the health of the hair grown from there. And when the appropriate environment is created for our scalp, We can expect great results in our hairs general look.


Yeah, every individual’s scalp can’t look exactly the same as we all have different genetic make ups. However, Much as we can identify our body skin type, we can identify our scalp types and we can carefully study what works best for it and how it shows up. Not everyone can have just one scalp type, It is combined for some people.

The common scalp types we can come across and use as guides while identifying our scalp types are:

~ Oily Scalp

~ Dry Scalp

~ Normal Scalp (Having a healthy balance with not excesses)

~ We can also have Sensitive scalps and combination Scalps

(I will be writing on these scalp types in my next blog post)

However like our skins, We can identify our scalp types and also study our scalp’s skin outlooks in seasons to help us work well with it. Healthy scalp means healthy hairs and also indicates our overall health

Studying our scalp outlook is highly important as it helps us know how to maintain it in the right and healthy way required for it. This will help us avoid making heavy mistakes that will ruin our scalp’s wellbeing and cause unfavourable scalp conditions. What Person A scalp requires for maintenance might differ from what Person B scalp requires.


Here some tips will be help us identify healthy and unhealthy scalps. However a deviation from the normal well being of our scalps is the best way to identify our scalps when in unhealthy conditions.

We can tell if our scalps are unhealthy or prone to get unhealthy if we notice itchings, burnings, bumps on scalps, acne, sun damage,scalp pains,extreme oiliness, extreme dandruff, hairloss , scalp redness and various conditions that are uncomfortable and could be unbearable

Identifying the scalp we have will help us know if there’s something not familiar with our scalp that is going on.


However , We can work towards maintaining a healthy scalp

We wouldn’t be going deeply into this yet but these will help us identify some everyday attitude we can adapt to maintain healthy scalps

1. Knowing Our Scalps and what works best for our scalp’s health.

2. Staying hydrated and eating healthy

3.Avoiding Stress and body wear outs

4. Creating and good hair care practice that works best with our hairs and scalp

5. Exercising to enhance blood circulation

6. Scalp Massaging and avoiding tight hair updos which create tension on our scalps

7.Avoiding excessive product use, harsh chemicals and exposed tools and being mindful of the purpose each product serves before use

8. Prioritising our Scalp Health and our general Body Health

This is where we stop. However there is a lot to our scalp and our scalps are of grand importance to us. I hope we understand some things now and are willing to look into our individual scalp health

We should Remember These PointsπŸ’œ

1. Health is of great wealth

2. Our Scalp health influences our general hair health and also indicates our body health

3. Our hair follicles which starts our hair growth cycle is housed in our scalps and needs a great and friendly environment for effectiveness

4. Our Scalp skin and our body skin are linked and Our Scalps can also have same disorders as our skins

5. We should look out for sensitive scalp and take responsibility

6. HerHairline loves youπŸ’œ

This is the introduction to ‘HER SCALP’ and has some basics we should be aware of.

Later days of this month we’ll gain more knowledge about our scalps

You can drop in the comment box any new knowledge you gained hereπŸ’œ

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    Health is of great Wealth!


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