Journeying with a Chemical Straightened Hair🕊

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Here is a brief look at journeying with a chemical straightened hair which can also be called a Relaxed /Permed hair

Individuals have their personal reasons of choosing to adapt a Permed Hair

And Permed Hair textures are really beautiful🕊

Having a Permed Hair?

A Permed hair can be described as hair that has been treated with chemicals that straightens curly hairs by breaking the bonds in the Hair shafts.

The chemicals used to treat the hairs alter the texture of the natural Hair strands by breaking the bonds in them and straightening the strands.

Permed Hairs require touch ups over a given period of time to keep the natural hair that grows overtime in a permed condition as well for an even hair look.

Should One really keep a Permed Hair?

As humans, We all have different drives that influence our decisions

Making a decision to keep a Permed Hair or Natural Hair should be a Personal one

However It’s best to decide to keep what you are best satisfied with. Permed Hairs are really great when maintained well and treated healthy.

One can choose to keep Permed Hair for easier hair management (mostly for hairs difficult to style and brush out neatly)

One can choose keeping Permed Hairs as a personal style

Some choose to Permed Hairs to achieve longer Hair lengths

Whichever reason one chooses, Keeping Permed Hair in healthy conditions should be a focus.

Keeping strands strong and healthy should also be a focus as due to the chemical treatments applied to hair strands, Hairs are more susceptible to breakages and damage if not managed with care

Scalp Care should also be taken important during application of chemicals and the scalp skin is tender and softer.

Leaving chemical in for long time period can cause hair damages and scalp burns.

Choosing Chemical Straighteners/Relaxers


The nature of chemical straighteners one chooses to adapt should also be taken into consideration

A person with a natural thin and soft hair nature will require chemical straighteners with less strength than a person with natural thick and difficult hairs.

Consulting a dermatologist or Hair specialist will help one make reliable decisions when choosing a Chemical straightener.

Notwithstanding, It is best to choose chemical straighteners that are compatible with one’s hair type.

The amount of active chemicals in a Chemical straightener determines its strength.


Usage instructions often accompanies most hair perming chemicals. Choosing to read instructions and adhering to them will help one achieve the great results when using Perming chemicals in hair.

Light coat of petroleum jelly when applied to scalp before applying perming chemicals acts as a barrier and could protect the scalp from burns

Avoiding application of perming chemicals when scalp is distressed (inflamed, Irritated) will help manage scalp health and prevent further damages

Living with a Permed Hair

Choosing to adapt a permed Hair keeps one with the awareness that chemicals have been applied to achieve permed texture

And chemicals could be damaging if not properly used

Permed Hairs require accountability and proper care to keep it in Healthy conditions.

~ Using a Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfates act as cleaning agents in detergents, soaps and cleaning substances. Sulfates are vigorous in removing dirts and oils.

Shampoos with sulphate are suitable for maintaining some particular hair types. However there shouldn’t be consistent use of shampoos containing sulphate

Mild shampoos will do great on permed hairs without stripping natural hair oils. The chemicals used to Permed Hair has stripped strands elasticity so they can’t hold oils/water in like natural hairs will do

Gentle, sulfate-free hair shampoos will help maintain the moisture balance of a Permed Hair.

~ Moisturizing Hair

Keeping Hair moisturized will help compensate for the dryness Perming Chemicals cause on Hair.

Also moisturizing hair after shampooing helps restore hydration to Hair.

Deep Conditioners and Light oils that will penetrate hairs can be utilized to achieve silky and soft tresses.

~ Create a limit to the use of Heat Styling Tools

Adapting usage of Heat Stylers on permed hairs can cause damage and excess hair thinning. To prevent strands weakening and unhealthy strand ends, choosing to abstain from heat styling tools should be considered.

And Keeping strong strands is a key goal when keeping permed hair. Much as styling is cherished , No one really likes hair breakage and damage.

~ Hydration and Managing stress

Yes, Stress influences hair health and dehydration often accompanies stress. Choosing to cut down on stressful living and adapt frequent hydration will impact hair health.

~ Trimming uneven and dead hair ends

Trimming uneven and lifeless hair ends will help one attain an even looking Permed Hair.

And when one adapts trimming lifeless ends, It is easier to detect hair breakage.

~ Using Heat Protectants on scalp before applying chemical straighteners

Heat Protectants will help protect scalp from heat damage and burns.

~ Choosing to get involved in one’s Hair journey

Yeah, Personal research and study of one’s concerns helps one develop best strategies that work best for one’s hair. Getting involved in choosing styles, chemical straighteners, hair stylists,Hair products and all will amount to a thriving journey.

We can all get involved in our Hair Journeys if we really want to.

The little and consistent efforts we put when gathered together will amount to a lot.

If you have hair goals, You can go after them

Be consistent, patient and do it right 💜

Permed Hairs are beautiful and can be Healthy💜

~ From Dammy

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